Pitch Rotor


Candidate Hardware

Typische Heckrotoren erlauben Pitch-Steuerung ohne komplizerte Taumelscheibenmechanik. Also werden Heckrotor-designs gesucht mit den folgenden Features:

  • Stabile Heckrotor-(Haupt-)welle. Min. 6mm Durchmesser, besser mehr.
  • Blatthalter mit je 2 Kugellager und einem Drucklager.
  • Blatthalter mit min. 7mm Weite.
  • Anlenkmechanik mit Schiebehülse und verdrehsicheren Gelenkhebeln zu den Blatthaltern.




Vario Helikopter


Synergy N9

T-Rex 700



WiRC — an inexpensive FPV system

WiRC from http://wirc.dension.com is miniature WLAN acceesspoint equipped with a Logitech webcam and the option to drive servos or other motors. It can be controlled through iPhones, and Android devices. Although the android app is in beta, it is already fairly usable.

As a First Person View (FPV) system for small scale model helicopters and quadkopters, the possible minimum weight of the system is of interest. Here is a photo showing how I disassembled the components to find their weights. WLAN stick PCB, camera PCB, and the bare WiRC device are less than 30 gramms. The rest (ca. 110 gramms) is housings and cables.